Essays on Karl Marx: Introduction

The essays linked to this page comprise the published part of an attempt to understand the basic outlines of Marx’s theory of capitalist production and bourgeois society, i.e. the form of society in which capitalist production is dominant. As much as possible, the essays stick to Marx’s mature writings, those in which he attempted to work out his theory of surplus value. I have not attempted to revise any of these essays, all written over thirty years ago, years in which I have made no attempt to keep pace with scholarly work in this field.

Here are links to the essays, in the order of their publication. They are all subject to copyright, but you may use them freely for scholarly and educational purposes.

Gary Young, May 27, 2012

The Fundamental Contradiction of Capitalist Production,” 5 Philosophy & Public Affairs 196-234 (1976)

A Note On Marx's Terminology,” 40 Science and Society 72-78 (1976), reprinted in Karl Marx's Economics: Critical Assessments, ed. John Cunningham Wood (London 1987, various reissues)

Justice and Capitalist Production: Marx and Bourgeois Ideology,” 8 Canadian Journal of Philosophy 421-455 (1978); reprinted in Marx Analysed: Philosophical Essays on the Thought of Karl Marx, ed. George E. Panichas, 225-262 (1985)

Marx on Bourgeois Law,” 2 Research in Law & Society 133-168, ed. Steven Spitzer (1979)

Doing Marx Justice,” Marx and Morality, Supplementary Volume VII, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, ed. Kai Nielsen and Steven C. Patten, 251-268 (1981)

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